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just a glimpse of my life. 

  1. oneofourown said: Haha worst part.
  2. dover said: Worst. Chore. Ever. I gag everytime even though it’s my own hair.
  3. whir262 said: A twice-weekly project in our house. So glam.
  4. mywildloves said: Im the official vacuum surgeon as well. I know your pain.
  5. ipromisetowrite said: don’t have to be jelly because i do this shit all the time too. blech.
  6. sunsaturatedsidethoughts said: Ugh. Been there. Bout to be there again
  7. daysofthedad said: You just reminded me I have to do the very same thing…another glamorous task for the Stay At Homes.
  8. partyinthemysterymachine said: so jelly
  9. midwestern-momma said: Yup. We do that too. It’s the most awesome, er disgusting, thing.
  10. mediocremommy said: I secretly love doing that to the vacuum cleaner…it’s so gratifying. (clearly I need a hobby)
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